Sunday, November 4, 2012


Eventually, I'll catch up and post about our Disneyland overnight trip and Halloween, but for now, I've finally uploaded hundreds of pictures from my camera onto the computer, so random camera shots it is. Noah has grown exponentially in the last couple months. He's talking up a storm, making jokes, yes, jokes (well, his version of jokes that sometimes we don't get, but we laugh anyway). He knows his animal sounds, most shapes, and colors. Who is this kid? Who taught him this? The Disney Channel? Sometimes he says and does things that shock us, and we can't figure out where he learned it. I guess we need to start watching what we say around him because he's like a little parrot all of a sudden. Uh-oh. Just kidding, we are perfect. Aren't you? So, a few months ago, I had to wake Noah up from his nap for a doctor's appointment, but he was dead to the world. I, of course, took the opportunity to snap some pictures of his little doll face while he was sleeping. Those eyelashes kill me.
Just being Noah...
Oh, did I not tell you? We have a teenager. He just lounges on the couch like a pro, iPhone in hand.
Blurry, but one of my favorites nonetheless
Again, blurry, but just the best expression on his face.

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