Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Stickers, Crayons, Bugs

We are still here. My computer isn't very happy with blogger so I'm updating from my phone. Yesterday was a pretty long day, so I was looking forward to Noah's bedtime. Once we got him in bed, the house picked up, the dirty laundry downstairs, I started sorting. I looked down and saw little stickers all over my clothes (side note: Noah is obsessed with stickers right now. He puts them everywhere and on everything). I got teary-eyed just thinking how grateful I am for those little stickers all over the place. There is nothing I'd rather do with my days than cuddle with this crazy toddler, read books, dig bugs out of Noah's mouth that he's found outside and put in his mouth (yep, that happened...protein, right?), and be a human art project (stickers on my clothes, play-doh on my face, crayons EVERYWHERE...including in a load of laundry...thank you google for fixing that green mess :) ). Anyway, even with days like yesterday, there is no job I want more than to be this boy's mommy, playmate and best buddy. I can't tell you how emotional I get seeing all the first day of school pictures from everyone on Facebook. When did I become this person? This person that cries over stickers on my clothes? This boy has melted my heart, and brought my life to a whole different speed, and I wouldn't change any of it.

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  1. Well it didn't happen when we were living in the same house... haha. I'm kidding. Noah is such a sweet little guy. So glad we have you so close so Ammon and Alma get to play with him, and so we can hang out too. Kids were telling me how much they loved your visit.