Saturday, June 2, 2012

iPhone dump: Hawaiian Style

(SORRY FOR THE LACK OF PARAGRAPHS...Blogger hates me?) A couple weeks ago, Nate and I went to Hawaii, without Noah! We were planning on bringing him, up until about two weeks before we left when Nate's sister Gail offered to come take care of Noah for us. It was so sweet of her, and Noah had so much fun with her. They did so many fun things together while we were gone...Noah was definitely spoiled rotten...he even got to ride on a pony at the Irvine Regional park. Thanks Gail for taking care of Noah! We felt so spoiled just getting a week to relax without worrying about nap times, snacks, diapers, bedtime, etc. It was so amazing, especially knowing that Noah was in such good hands. When we first got there we were like two little kids. "What should we do with all this time?!!" "Let's go in the hot tub!" "Let's lay on the beach!" "Let's take a nap!" "Let's just sit here and do absolutely nothing!" My parents kept laughing at us because we were SO excited to be just the two of us with no responsibilities. We slept in, drank shakes, leisurely ate dinner (I can't even tell you how obnoxious it is to eat at a restaurant with Noah lately), worked out, played golf, read books, got massages, basically everything relaxing and fun you do on a vacation without your baby. Also, I've never enjoyed a five hour plane ride so much. Especially since there were six other kids Noah's age, so we got to see what we would have been doing if Noah came with us. Good decision not to bring him, if just for the plane ride alone. I have more pictures to post from our regular camera, but these are some of the pictures from my phone.
View from our room
Hi turtle!