Monday, February 27, 2012


Plenty of "helping" me with the laundry

Lots of beach days

Valentine's breakfast (Cream Cheese Stuffed Lemon French Toast with Strawberry Sauce. Verdict...delicious)

Nate sings this to Noah all the time, so when I found the printable, I was really excited to put it in our kitchen this month.

We read him books every morning before Nate leaves for work. This is how it goes every time.

Content reading his favorite book

As soon as we read the last page...

Once we start the book over, he's content as can be again. Spoiled much? :)

...Oh, and yes he's still wearing Christmas pajamas in February. We don't waste clothes that still fit around here.


He did great! I think it had something to do with sitting in a rocket, with a basket full of toys, and a TV playing cartoons right in front of him. He zoned out just enough to let a stranger cut his hair. Yay Noah!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I know I do way too many posts about my baby, but let's be serious. Noah is my whole life right now. The parts without Noah are just random increments of time spread out all over the place and consist of an hour or two to myself during his naps, and occasional date nights with Nate where we try and keep from talking about Noah the whole time. When did a baby become my whole life? No matter how many times I heard how "special this time is", and to "savor every minute of him being a baby", I still don't feel like I savored enough. I've been feeling really sentimental the last week thinking about my little baby turning ONE year old in two weeks.

How did he get so big?

My favorite thing lately is when he grabs my face with both of his chubby little hands, opens his mouth and smashes his slobbery face on my cheek to give me a kiss in response to me telling him I love him. When did this happen? I swear it was yesterday that he couldn't even lift his head, and now he is purposely giving me kisses in response to "I love you"?

I feel like I've consciously made an effort to soak up this last year, and yet I'm still finding myself feeling like this year went too fast.

These last ones are from last weekend. We drove down to San Juan, walked around the Downtown District, and ate at Ruby's. Perfect Saturday.

You think someone needs a haircut? It's happening this weekend.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Baby

We have an expression in our house when Noah is getting into something, climbing up something, opening cupboards he shouldn't open, trying to break things he shouldn't be breaking. "Busy baby...". Noah is definitely a busy baby. Always thinking of ways to keep us on our toes.

He has his own section in our pantry that he loves to destroy over and over again. We put a bunch of random cans, bottles, and containers that he can play with on the bottom two shelves. Look at that cute little bum.

Once he's ripped everything he can off the first two shelves he stretches as far as his little body can stretch to try and reach the next shelf. Look at those tippy toes. Hilarious to watch his little feet dance back and forth when he's trying to reach something JUST barely out of reach.

We have a lot of pots and pans, but Noah has a favorite pot. Every morning without fail he crawls over to the cupboard that contains MY favorite Le Creuset pot. Little stinker. It's too heavy for him to pull out of the cupboard, so I get it out for him every morning and lay it in the middle of the kitchen floor. Then he's off to find "his" wooden spoons to make music on "his" pot. He thinks everything in this house is his.

If it's in his's his.
If he sees it and it's not in his's his.
If it's's his.
If it's not's his.
If it makes's his.
If it doesn't make's his.
If it's's OURS.
BUT, when it's fixed's his.

With a face like this...

...he can have whatever he wants. That grin melts me.