Tuesday, January 17, 2012

iPhone dump part 2

Meeting Dad for lunch

Christmas shopping at South Coast

The only time I've caught this face on camera. He makes this face whenever he is overwhelmed with excitement or happiness. Hilarious. It's coupled with a happy little moan.

He loves laying with his Dad to watch football. Seriously. It's not just a thing to say that sounds cute...he really does love watching football.

Crawling in our bed this morning

He loves ripping apart wallets. Luckily, Nate gives up his wallet much easier than I do...I have CASH in my wallet people!

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  1. Brit!! Noah is getting so big and still is as cute as EVER!!! So fun to see some pics...it's been a while! And as far as wallets go, just don't let him tear up that Cafe Rio card!