Monday, January 23, 2012

Yep, blogging...AGAIN

At the beach with Grandma and Grandpa

Mini Apple Pies

Park Days with Mom

Not sure what this pose is all about, but he does it all the time on the swings

Happy Boy

Saturday Lunch at Five Guys

Hanging out on Saturday/Going for a walk around Ladera


Daddy making him laugh

Park on Sunday with Mom and Dad

Checking out the rain this morning...this boy LOVES rain

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog

Noah loves Mickey Mouse. Really, he LOVES him. He might even like Mickey more than us. When we got our Disney passes last month we were looking forward to taking him to Mickey's house, but it was always really crowded. I refuse to wait in line for a baby to meet a person inside a sweaty costume. Well, about two weeks ago, Nate met us at Disneyland after work, we got lucky and the lines were EMPTY. We made our way over to Mickey's house and had a 5 minute wait.

Mickey's house is really strange. You walk through the cutest house with the brightest colors to get to Mickey...his living room, kitchen, laundry room, garden, garage, music room, chicken pen, etc., etc., etc., but when you finally go in to meet Mickey, it's in this small dark room with a backdrop. Quite the contrast. They keep that Mickey Mouse on serious lockdown.

Anyway, when we walked into the room with five or so other people we immediately turned Noah toward the wall so he wouldn't see Mickey until I could get a picture. We don't mess around. I'm pretty sure the employees thought we were nuts, until they saw this reaction.

Noah couldn't stop laughing, and neither could the workers. We were all cracking up.

We put Noah on the ground to see what he would do. He (still laughing) grabbed Mickey and started kissing his nose.

I think we made this boy's day, and I know we made ours.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

So remember that time that an alarm clock almost murdered me?

Do you? Well, the story is on my blog. This story is kind of like that, except it's not really a story, just more of a state of mind. I think I might be losing it/need therapy for my irrational fear of sleeping alone in my house.

Let me preface this by clarifying that I haven't always been this ridiculous. I lived alone for a summer in my empty apartment while my roommates all went home. I've stayed in my old apartments alone countless times, but once I got married, and got used to sleeping next to someone...BOOM, psycho fear of sleeping by myself.

Are you ready to hear how ridiculous I am? Maybe this will be some form of therapy for me to get the craziness typed out, then I can read it back and laugh at how stupid I am. I'm willing to try anything.

Nate left this morning for a work trip. I started working on myself all day,

"Oh, no big's so sunny and bright out...all kinds of friendly neighbors! Hey, neighbors!"

"What a safe and happy little neighborhood we live in. Dogs. Babies. Happy People."

This afternoon I literally googled the crime demographics for our area. The chance of me or my child being murdered? 0.28%. "Great odds! I can do problem."'s officially dark out. New thoughts.

"This neighborhood is so dark and empty. That guy walking his dog looks pretty murderish."

"0.28%? That's less than a 1% chance of getting murdered. But, Brittany that is pretty high. Think of all those times you try and win blog giveaways that have 100 comments or less and think to yourself...'Ooo, I have a 1/100 shot of winning!'...well, now you have a 1/100 shot of being murdered (Well, way less than that when you compute the whole 0.28% thing, but I'm too get the point). How stupid are you for thinking that was small??"

Do you see the crazy argument that happens in my head all night? ALL NIGHT. The only thing that keeps me grounded is the thought that if someone tried to come in and hurt/take my baby I would literally KILL them. I would let them take anything in our house and mangle me before they would come near my baby. I just have to keep that thought in the back of my head and then I don't feel like such a helpless victim. I can do this guys! I will sleep alone tonight! Wish me luck :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

iPhone dump part 2

Meeting Dad for lunch

Christmas shopping at South Coast

The only time I've caught this face on camera. He makes this face whenever he is overwhelmed with excitement or happiness. Hilarious. It's coupled with a happy little moan.

He loves laying with his Dad to watch football. Seriously. It's not just a thing to say that sounds cute...he really does love watching football.

Crawling in our bed this morning

He loves ripping apart wallets. Luckily, Nate gives up his wallet much easier than I do...I have CASH in my wallet people!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

iPhone dump


Noah on the Buzz ride at Disneyland today

Someone loves "driving" the car

Early evening run to the park

Christmas morning

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year

Twas' the night OF Christmas and all through the house...? Whatever. Nate got deathly sick. Poor lamb. He was a mess. I thought he had food poisoning, but I was mistaken considering I got lucky to get the exact same thing the next day. You'd think this would all be a TERRIBLE memory, but not so. Who'd have thought that being that sick together could be romantic? Not me, until now.

There is something about taking care of someone you love when they are at their worst...on the bathroom floor...curled up in a ball. There is also something about that same person taking care of you the next day when they know exactly how you feel. It makes me teary-eyed thinking of those two miserable nights, because I've never felt closer to Nate. Strange? I don't care because I will never forget those two nights. I've never seen Nate so sick, and I wished there was something I could do for him. All I could do was rub his back and get him a towel for his knees in the bathroom.

The next night he saw it coming and got me into bed, cleaned the house, did the dishes, and got Noah to bed. He rubbed my back, and cleaned up after my disgusting bathroom mess (don't worry, I won't go into TOO much detail). The next morning Nate had to go to work, but not before cleaning the house, getting Noah fed and ready for the day, and helping me get out of bed. I'm sure this is all just a little too cheesy, and I'm normally not one for cheese, but they are right when they say if you want to love someone, serve them. I've never loved Nate more. Enough cheese.

The day after Christmas we went to Disneyland because Santa, plus a little help from Aunt Dawn, got us Disney passes! (Yes, the day after Nate's sicky night and the day of mine). Look how happy I look, so completely unaware of what's coming in just a few hours.

For New Year's, we road tripped over to Tucson to stay with Gail and Andy and spend time with the Holiday side of the family. We had so much fun visiting with everyone. Not all of the Holidays could make it, but the ones who did had a lot of fun. We ate lots, went golfing, relaxed, went to a movie, went to a BEAUTIFUL canyon and rode the tram up to the top (I wish we had our camera with us), and played TONS of games.

For some reason we didn't bust out our camera until New Year's Eve. Stupid. Oh well, these are the pictures we got though...

Blake and Drew

Noah and Daddy watching Kung Fu Panda on the big screen in the backyard

Somehow those were the only pictures we got? We did get some on the drive home though of Noey's enjoying the road trip.

More catching up to do STILL even after these two giant posts!
Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Rundown, etc., etc., etc.

Christmas was so much fun. It was our first Christmas as a family of three and we felt like we savored every minute of it with drives to look at lights, hot chocolate, cookies, family movie time, lots of Christmas music, plenty of cuddle time, Christmas books, the Christmas story, etc., etc., etc. We made the Holiday (family name, not "holiday") traditional sugar cookies. Nate's mom used to make hundreds of these cookies for Christmas when they were kids to give to family, friends and teachers. We made about 30 and after frosting and decorating I was exhausted and the kitchen was a HUGE mess.

At least the cookies turned out better than last year. I finally figured out how to do the border first and then fill in the lines. I always wondered how people decorated cookies so gorgeously, until I finally asked my cousin Raechal (the cookie/cake decorating queen) for all her tips. Thanks Raechal! My cookies are still not anything close to hers, but at least they aren't a disaster this year :)

Christmas Eve we drove up to Newport Beach to the Roger's Gardens to look at all of the Christmas trees, ornaments, and decorations. It was beautiful! We walked around for a long time, and then stopped at the temple on our way back home. It was a gorgeous Christmas Eve day.

Noah has a habit of peering over at drivers next to us and flirting. Sometimes I look over and see people in the car next to me waving and smiling at Noah, and when I look back to see what he's doing he's leaning all the way forward in his seat peering at them. It's pretty cute. At least he's found something to entertain himself back there.

They had a train at Roger's Gardens. Noah loved it.

Quick stop at the temple

When we got home we took naps, then headed off to early dinner with family. We went to King's Fish House and had the best seafood. Thanks Dad! Abby and Alma weren't so sure about the lobster tank and the creepy lobsters inside, but I think they felt better when the server brought over a LIVE lobster for them to pet (by better I mean I think they might have had nightmares that night). I wish I had a picture, but I was too busy eating my lobster.

We opened our traditional Christmas Eve pjs, drank hot chocolate, ate oatmeal cookies, and watched One Magic Christmas. Perfect night.

The Christmas tree right before bed. We left out some cookies for Santa in hopes he might be more enticed to come to our house. I think it worked because...


Just in case you didn't notice his face in the previous picture...

After presents, we had everyone over for a big Christmas breakfast. I made a little Christmas tree out of fruit, a breakfast casserole and fruit turnovers (apple/cherry and rasberry). We ate ourselves sick, got showered then headed to church. We loved going to church on Christmas. It was so nice to hear the beautiful Christmas hymns, and remember what the day is really about. For dinner we had some cornish hens, sauteed green beans and mushrooms, mashed potatoes and a delicious strawberry lemonade that I found on Pinterest. We had a fantastic Christmas spent with people we love, and already can't wait for next year. After Christmas we headed to Tucson to spend the New Year with the Holiday family, but that's a whole other post. This one has been long enough.

I think Abby is full

Little troublemakers

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!