Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Craft!!

I made a craft! I've never made a craft you guys! Well, I've made crafts, but never a SUCCESSFUL craft. When I saw this on Pinterest, I wanted to make one for Noah, but the package of ornaments came with 3 so I thought I'd make one for me and Nate, and one more for our family. They are so cute, and were really easy to make. It's hard to capture with a camera since the pictures are curved, so the light reflects, but LOOK:

This is mine and Nate's. The pictures are from the photobooth at our wedding, and on the other side the picture is our wedding invitation picture. I cut up our wedding invitation and put pieces in there, with fabric from the tables at our reception. Finally, the ribbon on the outside is from our invitation too. Cute right?

For Noah's ornament I put pictures of his birth day, and another picture of him we love. Then I cut up strips of cardstock and wrote little memories from this year (his favorite songs, books, games, and funny little things he does that make us laugh). SUCCESS!

I don't have a picture of the family one because I just made it yesterday and didn't take a picture, but you get the point. I crafted, and it was successful. Hooray!

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