Friday, December 16, 2011

Baby Chickens for EVERYONE!

Well, not really. Just for me and Nate, but aren't they cute? I always see the cornish hens at the store and want to make them, so I finally bit the bullet. I wasn't sure if we'd like them because I've heard they are gameier (is that a word?) than chicken. We were not dissappointed. They were delicious and REALLY easy. I just slathered them with butter, salt and pepper and stuffed them with "Cuties". Cute right? Instead of using regular-sized oranges I normally use in regular-size roast chicken, I used miniature oranges for the miniature chickens. It turned out amazing. Don't judge the little hen for having her legs wide open. I was out of kitchen twine so she was spread eagle. Poor baby. Didn't matter though because the hens came out perfectly cooked, juicy and delicious.

One more thing. I did another craft guys! Pinterest is incredible, I look at it all the time. Pin, pin, pin, pin.

Nate and I have been wanting coasters for a while, but haven't found any that we like yet. Well, I found some DIY coasters on Pinterest so I went to Home Depot, bought some tiles for about 13 cents a piece, and got to work. I made some regular ones we can use all year, and then put together some Christmas ones with the leftover Christmas paper I had from making ornaments. Ta-da!


  1. I love Pinterest! But I can't get on it too often here in China or I get frustrated... it is so hard to find the materials to make anything.

    Your cornish hens look delicious. I can cook just about anything I want here because we live close to so many import stores, so I will just have to substitute cooking delicious things for crafting.

  2. You need to host a craft night at your house! Your two crafts are so cute. Thanks for the tips on the bird, I've been wanting to make those.