Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Rainy Day Noah

It's been raining for two days in California and we are loving it! I love the start to fall when the air gets a little more crisp and cold. Oh, and one of my favorite smells is after the first rain of the season when it smells like wet dirt. The best.
Anyway, it has rained a few times since Noah has been born, but he hasn't really been aware of it. Yesterday and today he has definitely been aware and very curious about this water stuff falling from the sky. He crawls over to the sliding glass door on our balcony and just stares out the window at the rain. I thought he might like the sound of the rain so I opened up the slider...not so much. He did his growling yell that sounds like a toddler throwing a tantrum. So maybe he just likes the look and not the sound? Who knows...but, either way I got some really adorable pictures of him looking out at the rain.

So, remember my huge fear of spiders? Well, don't worry because this huge spider decided to make his new home on our balcony! You aren't welcome here spider...but, good job on your web.


  1. He's so in touch with nature, cute!

  2. I'm melting. That baby is the best baby. Seriously, what a pensive expression -- he's definitely thinking the rainfall is so serene and placid ;) And he's wearing giraffes, which makes it that much better.

    P.S. That spider is not even huge. It's Charlotte!
    P.P.S. Did I freak you out with my last creeper essay comment? I freaked you out, huh.