Thursday, October 20, 2011

I wish I was a baby

I bet that sounds weird if you know what has been happening in our life the last week? Well, let me explain. Last Wednesday afternoon I heard Noah moving around after his nap over the monitor. I looked to see what he was doing and he was standing in his crib looking over the edge. I freaked out and sprinted up the stairs to get him before he decided to launch himself over the edge of the crib. Phew. Crisis avoided. Well, maybe. Literally, two minutes later as I was walking down the stairs with him, my heel slipped on the carpet out from underneath my body and I fell down the stairs...holding my baby. Nightmare. Here I was two minutes earlier thinking I had avoided disaster, and now I was at the bottom of the stairs stunned. Somehow I had managed to hold onto Noah all the way down, but his leg ended up underneath me. He was crying and wimpering and wouldn't move his leg, then he fell asleep. I called Nate, who was on his way home from work (good timing at least), and we decided we needed to go to the emergency room to get Noah checked out. Noah was so tough. He hardly cried. He just seemed stunned and tired.

After his x-rays and talking with the doctor, they said he had broken his tibia and fibula. He needed to be put in a splint, until the swelling went down, then he would need a cast for 6 weeks. SIX WEEKS. No baths, no pressure on the leg, no crawling (ya right...a nurse actually rolled her eyes and said she's never seen a baby who didn't try and crawl). After the doctor left, the nurse mentioned that since he was a baby he would heal really fast and might only need his cast for 3-4 weeks if we were lucky.

So here's why I wish I was a baby. The first night after we got home, and the first day afterwards Noah was a little sad, and more tired than normal, but after that things changed. By Friday, he was just back to business as usual. He was happy. He had figured out how to crawl and get around while dragging his splinted leg around with him, all with a smile on his face. What a trooper. If only I was this adaptable to breaking my leg? I hope to be this happy even if something really hard happens to me. I knew I would learn things from my kids, but I hadn't planned on learning from them as babies. Watching Noah has helped me realize that even if something terrible happens, life moves on, and we can adapt. All week I keep thinking about that scripture that says we need to become as a little child. This is just one of the ways that I want to become more like a child. Noah is my hero.

Fast forward to a week later. A WEEK. We went to the doctor yesterday fully planning on leaving with a cast on Noah's leg. The doctor said, "Well, he's good to go". ...."Are you joking?"...."Nope, he's all healed up". What?? A week?

They cut his splint off, and let him crawl around on the floor to make sure he was fine. He stared at all of us, like "What's the big deal? Why are you staring at me?". They threw some balls down the hallway and he went after them just like his normal self. I can't believe it. We feel so blessed that he healed so quickly. All night last night he was as happy as could be playing with his toys, cuddling on the couch with dad, and taking a bath with mom. He couldn't wipe the smile from his face. I'm so happy for him and so grateful to Heavenly Father for helping him heal so quickly. It may not seem like a big deal to other people, but to us it was a little miracle that we are so grateful for. Yay Noah!


  1. Holy cow, that really is a miracle! I'm so glad he's all better!

  2. We feel your pain. Boston broke his femur when he was 7 months old, and had the splint off within 2 weeks. Babies are champs.

  3. You didn't tell me about this when I saw you the other night! I'm so glad he is doing ok and learned how to crawl with his splint...such a trooper :)