Thursday, September 29, 2011

Smell Association...

Random, I know. Seriously though, today I was driving and got a huge whiff of fresh-cut grass. Immediately, I got a nervous pit in my stomach quickly followed by a rush of sentimental emotions. Why? Because whenever I smell fresh-cut grass it takes me back to track days in high school. The pit in my stomach is the result of meet days...the rush of sentimental emotions is obviously the memories of all the fun times with friends at track practice and on meet days. Smelling the grass started me thinking about all the random smells that I associate with certain memories/emotions and how strange it is that just a smell can cause such a physical reaction.

Herbal Essences shampoo ALWAYS reminds me of my first day of high school. I still remember being in the shower that morning, feelings of excitement and nervousness. Probably a little more nervousness...I was pretty intimidated. Luckily, I had an awesome big brother to show me the ropes of high school, and who also may have talked me through where my classes were the night before so I wouldn't get lost the first day.

Speaking of being in the shower, that shower was in my old house. My parent's old house in Rolling Hills. That house is my childhood home. I have so many memories attached to that house. I still make Nate drive me past that house almost monthly. I just want to see the outside and reminisce on my childhood. It still hurts my heart a little that strangers are in MY house. I'm 28 years old, and I'm jealous of the people who live in that house. Ridiculous? Maybe, but true. My first birthday parties were in that house. Slumber parties. Family home evenings on my parent's ugly blue couch (sorry Mom...I'm sure it was very in style at the time). Family Christmas performances (I was Mary? Kristin was the angel? "Scooter" was a sheperd? Tyler was Joseph? Is that right?). Pool parties in the backyard (my dad always tossed fresh apples from our apple tree into the pool for us). Fourth of July s'mores over the fire pit. Strawberries from the strawberry patch. Playing kick ball and basketball in the backyard with my brothers, who I'm sure did NOT want me playing, but somehow I nudged my way into their games. My hideous pink and green wallpaper in my bedroom that was still there when we moved (I was SEVENTEEN years old with pink dollhouse wallpaper lining my bedroom ceiling). Playing games across the hallway with my brothers all night even though my parent's bedroom was directly below my brother's bedroom? How stupid were we to think they couldn't hear us? ANYWAY, I could dedicate a whole post to this, but I won't since no one cares about this but me. My point with this big long paragraph was that my mom still has old clothes in her closet that smell like THAT house. I LOVE that house...can you tell?

Mold reminds me of my grandma.

Perfume makes me think...oh, should I explain the mold? Probably. So my grandma's house in Atlanta was pretty old and obviously had some mold issues because whenever I get a sniff of moldy or wet wood it takes me back to staying at my grandma's house. I loved that house and I love my southern grandma. She had the sweetest drawl, and always said, "give me some sugar". Yes, southern people actually say that. Well, she did, and I loved it. She also had a famous saying in our family. Whenever I or my mom would say, "I'm sweating...", she would quickly respond with, "Oh honey, horses sweat, men perspire and women get uncomfortable." Yep. Awesome. there you have it. Mold=Grandma. I'm sure she's not happy with that association.

So I have a perfume that will always remind me of our wedding day. Nate got me that perfume a week before our wedding and told me I couldn't wear it until our wedding day, so that he and I would always associate that smell with that day. It worked, and I LOVE wearing that perfume for that very reason.

Anyway, there are so many more random smells connected to so many memories, but I'll spare you.

Ok, one last one. Baby wipes. Baby wipes themselves don't smell bad. It's the idea that whenever I'm changing a poopy diaper, baby wipes are obviously involved, so somehow I have a disgusting association with wipes. If I smell baby wipes I want to gag. Sometimes the residue from the baby wipes is still on my hands, and I have to wash my hands because I feel like I have poop on them. Crazy much?


  1. awesome. mold for me is the same association. I haven't smelled herbal essences in a long time, (although the disturbing commercials have stuck with me) but i'm pretty sure, if i did smell it, it would make me think of taking you to seminary every morning. I have no idea what abantes smelled like. and fresh cut grass reminds me of all the times i cut the grass at abantes. great post... thanks for the blast from the past memories... blast from the past?.... hmmm... oh my lucky stars!...

    You're welcome for that last part.

  2. This is probably my favorite post of yours. Love it. Also looove that house of yours and still have dreams set in it. Loved your strawberries and pretty much demolished the whole crop every time I came over to play. Loved the apples in the pool, and funny dive competitions, and dolphin glides, and the mermaid city at the bottom of the deep end, and being a family of ducks swimming around the jacuzzi. Still have a vision of when the playhouse was way up on top of the patio cover for some reason? Did not love "poop parties" for the Cookie. Loved exploring the rain gutters in the hills behind your house, and that amazing hill across the street, and the park at the top, and running down the hill back to your house out of control. Loved the umbrella tree. Did not love the dead presents Muffin left on the doorstep. Loved the ocean-carpet during Jaws. And the stash of candy usually in the dining room cupboard, and the koosh ball that was stuck on the cross beam above the piano forever. I remember that wallpaper in your room so well, and the shelves full of My Little Ponies, and the fan you had pointed directly at your face at night. And Sim City in your dad's office, and Paperboy/Lion King/Donkey Kong on the Nintendo when the room was filled with Tyler's origami. Still remember exactly how your house used to look at Christmas -- mostly the Santa bowl filled with Christmas m&ms.

    Loved growing up with you, cousin :)

  3. If I remember right, that was the location of azooga night? And Leo fest? I think we all had some good times at that house :)