Friday, August 12, 2011

Ruby Taylor

A friend of mine's sweet baby, Ruby, lost the fight with her failing liver last night. She has been battling with this for seven months, and last night she finally went home to her Heavenly Father's arms. She was such a precious little baby that has touched the lives of so many including mine and Nate's. We have been fasting and praying for this sweet baby for months, hoping she would get that perfect liver she needed. Her mom, Ani, has been an amazing example of faith and strength throughout this whole trial, and has inspired me to be a better mother to Noah.

The middle of the night cuddles. The feedings. The diaper changes. Waking up a little earlier than I would like to him crying on the monitor. The blowouts. The spit up. This little person who constantly needs my attention.

My view on all of these "challenges" has completely changed the last few months thanks to Ani and her willingness to share her thoughts and feelings on this trial she is going through. Last night's cuddle was a little longer than normal. This morning's cry over the monitor wasn't so dreaded. The feedings today haven't been so rushed. I'm just soaking up my sweet baby, and crying for the loss of baby Ruby, but yet so happy she is out of pain and in her Heavenly Father's care. She has influenced more people in just her seven months of life than most people in a lifetime. We love you Ruby, and our prayers are with Ani, Matt and Kate today.

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