Sunday, July 17, 2011

Holiday Family Reunion 2011

Before I start a massive recap of the reunion I wanted to post a picture from Father's day. I know it was a month ago, but look how cute this picture is of Nate and Noah.

I love these boys. So sweet.

Well, the Holiday's have a family reunion every two years and a different sibling is responsible for planning every year. Luckily Nate and I have about eight years before we are in's a lot of work! Thanks Colleen and Brian! This year we went to Bear Lake, Utah. I had never been, but I had only heard great things about it. When we drove through the canyon and got our first peek of the lake, let me tell is beautiful! I can't believe such a bright blue lake is in Utah, and I never knew about it! It really is so pretty.

We started our road trip out on Thursday night. We drove to Vegas that night and got to visit Grandma Horst Friday morning/afternoon. Noah got to meet his great-grandma for the first time and he loved it. Normally he is really squirmy and arches his back when people hold him, so we were worried he would act like this for grandma, but he was as calm as could be. He just kept staring up at her. He loved when she snuggled up on him. What a special moment.

Friday night we pulled into Highland and LOVED what we arrived to. Summer and Dawna are amazing! They love Noah and Noah is crazy about them. They wanted to hold him any chance they got, and we were happy to oblige. Bye Noah! See you in a couple hours! :)

Saturday we spent the day in Park City with Blake and Jamie and Kent and Ginger and all the kids. Got in lots of shopping, Alpine slides and food.

Sunday we headed up to Farmington to Tanner and Jennie's house to hang out and meet Jake and his new fiance Brooke. They are so cute together, and we are so happy for them. Afterwards, we drove up to Kaysville to meet up with Carter and Heather and their kids. Something I had forgotten about Utah until right when we put Noah to sleep at their house: Fireworks are legal. Thanks neighbors! :)

Monday we drove up to Bear Lake to meet up with everyone and start partying. We had famous rasberry shakes, BBQ'd, talked, beached, and watched fireworks. Noah and Alayna (Blake and Jamie's baby girl who is 7 months), slept through the whole fireworks show. I guess they were tuckered out from the day. Can't blame them.

Speaking of Noah and Alayna, they were pretty good friends by the end of the trip.

So Jill had planned an adult Triathalon for everyone on Wednesday, but on Tuesday we did a kid's Triathalon. It was the cutest thing I've ever seen. We have some serious competitors in the Holiday family. Summer, Dawna, Erica, and Jessica were the coaches for the four teams. There was a swim in the pool, a bike leg around the camp, and last was a run around the camp. Addison is not even three, but she ran the whole run, in flip flops, and then demanded a medal after finishing. Hysterical.

31 grandkids (well not all of them were there, but almost everyone was there)

9 of the 10 siblings with Dad Holiday

Anyway, the week was amazing. Lots of food, s'mores, jet skiing, sun, lounging on the beach, golfing (still a soft spot for Nate, Robert pulled out the win again), and especially lots of time spent with family. We had so much fun and can't wait until the next reunion!

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  1. haha.. wait, why is on the side with all the girls on it? I kid, I kid. Thanks for sharing this. It's really fun to see where you went and what you did! looks like a blast!