Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Noah's Blessing

We blessed Noah this last Sunday, and it was such a special day. We felt really loved to have family from all over come for the weekend. Carter flew in from Utah. Blake and Jamie came from Houston. Dad and Janice came from Utah. Tyler and Melissa had just arrived from Missouri, and other family members drove a couple hours just to come down for support. We felt so loved and grateful that so many were able to attend.

Blake and Jamie got into town on Friday afternoon and we started the weekend out right by going to the Hat for pastrami sandwiches. Then we drove up the PCH to Sprinkles cupcakes and Fashion Island, stopping at Victoria Beach on the way to check out the view. Jamie and I played baby duty in the back trying to entertain Noah on the drive. Just when he was about to lose it we made it to Fashion Island. Phew! He loves his Baby Bjorn so he took a nice nap while we all shopped, and then ate at Wahoo's Fish Tacos (which was not too impressive except for Nate's Carne Asada...the rest of us did not order well. Oops). On our way back we dropped Noah off at Gammy and Guppy's house (these names are still pending...Guppy is not a fan of his new name :) ) so that we could all go see a movie. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Saturday we went to Dana Point Harbor for some fish and chips and a walk around the harbor. Blake bought a bunch of smoked salmon and mahi for us to all share, and it was delicious. After the harbor we headed over to T-street in San Clemente to soak up the beach...a few snow cones and Diet Cokes later we headed home to shower. After getting cleaned up we went to Deemers for some burgers. Delicious. Saturday night Nate and I headed different ways. He went to yogurt with his family and I went to hang out with Carter since he was only in town for 24 hours.

Sunday morning we tried to give Noah a full tummy and a long nap before it was time for church to do our best to prevent any crying spells during his blessing. (Success!) His blessing went beautifully, and we felt such an outpouring of love from everyone who came to support our little family on this special day. There is nothing better than seeing a circle of worthy Priesthood holders around a new little baby, especially when it is your baby. Hearing the blessings promised to Noah was so special, and gave us another little window into knowing him better. We feel so lucky to be his parents. After Noah's blessing, everyone headed to my parents for some food and visiting. The day couldn't have gone any better.

Monday morning Blake, Jamie, Nate, Noah and I headed to the pool. It was such a beautiful day and Noah may or may not have spit up into the pool...sorry Ladera community...those little white chunks are from us! :) After the pool we had our last lunch with Blake and Jamie before they headed off to the airport. Thanks for coming guys! We had so much fun :)


  1. I can't believe how much older Noah looks already from the last pictures I saw! Let's skype chat soon friend.

  2. What a fun weekend! I'm glad I could be there Sunday with you guys, love that little baby. I need you to take me to this pastrami place. When Nate posted a photo on fb I got one at kneaders and it was horrible and now I am still craving one.