Friday, April 15, 2011

Life's little luxuries

Some things that used to be routine and completely ordinary, are now luxuries I look forward to all day/week.

*A shower that lasts longer than five minutes...scratch that, just a shower.
*Driving alone in the car
*Eating a meal with two hands
*Going to the grocery store alone
*Going to any store alone
*Going ANYWHERE alone (I think I almost skipped out of the house the other day when I got to go pick up a prescription from CVS by myself...what has happened to my life that this made my day? :) )
*Watching TV and cuddling at night with Nate (this just started happening the last week or so since Noah has decided that going to sleep at 830 is cool with him now)

A few observations from my short time as a mom:

*Johnson and Johnson nightime lavendar lotion is AMAZING. We rub Noah down with it every night now and it immediately relaxes him and knocks him out. The first night we used it he slept 7 hours straight. Every night since he has been sleeping almost 9 hours. I love you lotion. Lots and lots.

*Noah is extremely picky about car rides. He starts off just slightly annoyed if we sit at a long light. Then he starts getting annoyed as soon as we stop at a light. Then he starts sensing when we are slowing down for a light and gets annoyed. Last stage he starts getting annoyed when we slow down at all at any time. Are you kidding me baby? How do you know when I let go of the gas pedal? I wish you could talk so we could explain to the police officer why we are driving 90mph in a 15pmh zone. I kid.

*Swaddle blankets are hysterical. The ones we have have velcro on them so there's no chance of escape. Looks like a miniature straight jacket. Poor baby. He loves it though, and looks like a little pea in a pod. I guess he didn't inherit my irrational claustrophobia. (It really is irrational...I may or may not have had problems getting into a Suburban once. Yes, I'm a grown adult, and yes I completely freaked out. It's a long story, that ends awkwardly for me.)

*Noah hates sunlight. Really. He buries his face into armpits, cleavage, and whatever else he can find to get away from the light. Why baby? Why do you hate sunlight? We are slightly worried about this trip to SUNNY Hawaii in a month. Good luck to us. :)

The last 6 weeks have been the most challenging and most amazing weeks of my life. Just when I think I'm at my breaking point and can't take anymore... Noah will bust out the biggest, gummiest smile I've ever seen and I melt. This boy has me wrapped around his finger. I had no idea how much I would love him. I'm obsessed.


  1. Six weeks and he's sleeping nine hours at a time!?! Jackpot! I gotta remember that lotion for next time. He is just the cutest thing ever.

  2. Oh my gosh, he is just getting cuter and cuter! He is so handsome :) Yay for good sleepers! Isn't it so nice to get a good stretch of sleep now at night?