Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fingers crossed

So we've been pretty worried about taking Noah to Hawaii seeing as he hates the sun. Really. He does. Here is proof:

He wiggled his way all the way down there, so I finally covered his face and "voila", he loved it and didn't make a peep for an hour. This boy loves cloudy days :) Anyway, we were worried.

Luckily, we have a tiny ray of hope. Carolyn was kind enough to invite us down to her beach house last weekend to play and hang out. We figured it would be a nice test run for Noah. SUCCESS! He LOVED it. He was cooing and smiling and slept almost the whole time. We are taking this as a positive sign that our baby may hate the sun, but he loves the beach. Score. We might have a few more test runs before Hawaii, but we are more hopeful than we were just a week ago. Yay!

Here is some evidence from our successful beach day:

This picture is really bright...oops

Thanks for the beach day Carolyn! We loved it!

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  1. Those pictures are so precious! When we took Georgia to the beach for the first time, we put two chairs back to back and draped a towel over them so she could have a little shady spot when she needed it. Worked like a charm! Have fun in Hawaii!