Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And then there were THREE...

We are officially a family of three. I can't believe it. We are parents. I can't even begin to explain what it felt like when they put Noah on my chest within seconds of him being born and I got to hold him for his first minutes of life. I knew I would love him, but that moment is something I will never forget.

The weeks leading up to his due date, I started to get a little uncomfortable, but nothing unbearable. I had contractions randomly and sometimes consistently but nothing that I thought meant we were in labor. We had been praying for weeks that Noah would come when he was ready, and when we would have the best doctors and nurses and smoothest delivery. Our prayers were definitely answered. We felt so blessed and watched over throughout the entire process. Monday afternoon I went to the Irvine Spectrum with a few friends of mine and we walked around, shopped, and had lunch. On my way back to my car, I was really struggling walking without feeling like a bowling ball was pressing through my legs. Nice visual I know. Anyway, I got home and layed down for a bit, then a few hours later I thought I was peeing my pants, but turns out my water was breaking. That whole scene they show in the movies was not how it happened for me. It did not gush out in public, and I did not rush off to the hospital like a crazy person. It kind of came in waves and I eventually just had to sit on the floor on a beach towel to keep from getting water everywhere. I called Nate, who was already on his way home from work, conveniently enough, and told him we were having a baby tonight! I talked to my doctor and he said to come to the hospital soon, but don't rush over. They just wanted to get the baby out within 24 hours to avoid infection, but I might as well labor at home for awhile. We had dinner, then went to the hospital at about 7pm, got all checked in and watched the Bachelor. Yep. I watched the Bachelor while in labor. Why not? It was a good distraction! Our nurse even got into it. Speaking of, our nurse was amazing. She was so sweet and really compassionate, and didn't get in my face or anything. She just let me be, and gave help when I needed it. By about 10:30 or so, my contractions started to get pretty painful, so they gave me some Nubane to take the edge off. It must have worked because I guess I kept rambling about my face melting off. Nice. Nate and I both fell asleep for awhile, and about two hours later the Nubane wore off and they checked me and I was at 5cm. I admire people who give birth without an epidural...I was DYING at 5cm. You go "no epidural" people! I got my epidural and fell asleep until about 4am. They checked me again, and I was at 6cm. They said not to wake my mom up yet to come to the hospital because it would still be awhile, and she wouldn't miss anything. Well, my body had other plans. One hour later I was at 10cm and ready to push. (Luckily my mom only lives five minutes from the hospital so she rushed over and made it in time).

*Sidenote: We met the head nurse Lori at a hospital tour night a month or so before, and really liked her...she was great and told us she hoped she would be on-call the night we had our baby, and she was.

Lori and our regular nurse, Callie, started helping me practice pushing. Noah's heart rate kept dropping everytime I had a contraction so they were starting to get worried about him. Lori was so sweet and stayed after her shift ended. She came rushing in five minutes before her shift was over yelling about how I needed to get him out so she could meet him before she had to go home, but then she ended up staying anyway. She was awesome. ANYWAY, the doctor finally came in and decided they needed to suction him out since his heart rate kept dropping. His little head came first, and then the doctor pulled on the cord to see if it was wrapped around anything else. Turns out, Noah had his hand on the cord, and everytime I was contracting he was squeezing the cord. So when the doctor pulled on the cord, Noah's arm came out with it. Determined little guy. Luckily, he made his way out safely, and he was healthy as could be. He had a jaundice problem the first week, and was losing weight pretty quickly, but somehow by his first doctor's appointment yesterday he had made his way back to his birth weight, and his jaundice was all but gone. Sigh of relief for us and for the doctor.

Just wanted to get his birth story written down before I forgot too many of the details. He is one week old, and we are loving every minute with him. Obviously having a newborn in the house is quite the adjustment to our sleeping habits, but he is worth it. We love our little "Noey".


  1. Congratulations! Aww, thanks for sharing his birth story! I'm so glad everything went smoothly and he made it safely into the world. Our labor experiences were pretty similar (my water broke too and I was dying without an epidural at 5 cms) Ha! Can't wait to meet Noah :)

  2. Hooray! I'm so glad everything went OK! I can just picture his little hand popping out with the cord--so cute!

  3. Yay!! Congrats Brittany! I can't wait to see some more cute pictures of little Noah!