Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to our family!

We have some new additions to our family. Just wanted to send a shout out to our new little babies out on the balcony. I never knew I would get so attached to plants, but it's a lot of work picking the right plants, food, fertilizer, soil, pots, etc., etc., etc. Who knew? I sure didn't. I know absolutely nothing about plants. The poor guy helping us literally had to coach us on how to take care of our new babies. I figure it's good practice to take care of some plants before we have a living, breathing human to be responsible for. I'm a little worried about the outcome. If we kill these plants does that mean we will be awful parents? I hope not, because I have a history of killing plants. It started with that little paper cup they give you in elementary school with some dirt and a seed in it. Mine sprouted like it was supposed to, but then I got eager, over watered the poor thing, and it died. I guess if I overfeed our baby, he'll just be a little chubby. That's not death. Yay!

Anyway, we got some parsley, sweet basil, thyme, and a "Patio hybrid" tomato plant. According to our helper guy, it's really difficult to kill any of these plants. Great, all the more reason to feel like an idiot when they don't survive. Even my mom cushioned me for the future death of our plants.

MOM: "Oh, you got some plants?! How exciting!"
B: "Ya, I just hope we don't kill them and they can last a long time."
MOM: "Well, they will probably die eventually, don't feel bad when that happens."

I felt like one of those kids proudly holding their plastic bag from the fair with a goldfish in it, grinning excitedly about their future with the fish, and then someone says, "Well, they don't live long, so when it dies don't be sad". Are my plants "carnival goldfish"? Or does my mom doubt my plant care abilities so much that she is already softening the blow of the inevitable death?

Well, I'll show you guys! (Imaginary people who are judging me that I invented as a way of judging myself). These plants WILL survive! Am I even supposed to call them "plants" when they are herbs? Whatever I don't know. Anyway...I can do this! I'll keep you updated on their growth since I'm sure everyone is VERY interested. I really am attached to these little guys. I'm already worried about our trips we are taking in November and December. I have plans to call a friend to come and water them while we are gone. See?! I'm responsible...I'm calling a babysitter and everything.


  1. Hahaha. Don't worry--plants aren't meant to live forever and chubby babies are better anyways!

  2. I'll babysit.
    both your plants and when the baby comes.