Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, it was so funny...wait, am I crying?

So I know everyone warns you that pregnancy causes crazy emotions. I've seen those movies with the wife that turns into a big crying, blubbering mess over Kodak commercials as soon as she knows she's pregnant. I know what is "supposed" to happen. I expected to cry over commercials, Oprah, sad songs and movies, or whatever else pregnant women cry about. I did not expect to cry about the things that I've cried about so far. I haven't cried during any commercials. I didn't cry during the one time I watched Oprah (It was really sad by the way). I haven't cried during any sad songs or movies. Everyone else cries, but not one tear from the pregnant lady. I haven't cried over the literally sad things. I will tell you what I've cried about. Ready?

1. Goldfish crackers
2. Possession of the TV remote
3. An episode of Top Chef: Desserts

The Goldfish crackers incident was in the beginning of the pregnancy. I hadn't experienced any cravings, and haven't experienced any since then. It was LATE at night, and suddenly it dawned on me how delicious Goldfish crackers sounded. Nate went to check the pantry for me. No Goldfish. Ok, no big deal. I don't need any crackers right now anyway. No, but wait, you do need those crackers. No I don't. do. No, that's ridiculous, it's just crackers. Yes, yes I need them or I might die. I NEED THEM. I NEED THEM NOW. Then I started crying because I needed those Goldfish. We drove to the grocery store, and Nate bought one of those giant seven dollar cartons of Goldfish. (I don't blame him. If he cried about needing something that ridiculous, I would drive to Costco and buy the biggest one I could find so as to avoid future situations like that). They were the most delicious crackers I've ever tasted in my life.

These stories are going to get progressively crazier. Ready for the remote story? So last weekend we were watching conference. It was the end of the Sunday afternoon session of conference. The closing hymn was finishing up, and the closing prayer was coming up. I reached over to get the remote and mumbled something like, "Oh, I need to DVR something when this is over, and I don't want to forget". So as a joke, when my eyes were closed during the prayer, Nate reaches over and grabs the remote. For whatever reason, I open my eyes when the prayer is over to discover he'd stolen the remote, and I burst into tears. Really. Over a remote control. We were both hysterically laughing, but I still couldn't stop crying. It was like someone had snatched my doll and I was 2 years old.

Ok, so this last story just happened this past Friday afternoon. I drove to meet Nate, my parents, and my sister-in-law Melissa for lunch. Melissa had just flown in from Kansas City to surprise her dad for his birthday that night so we got to hang out with her for the afternoon. It was a really fun lunch, and so fun to see her. Things got a little interesting when I was telling Melissa and my mom about a hilarious episode of Top Chef: Desserts I had just watched that morning. There was a contestant on the show that had a panic attack because he wanted back some paper cups he'd thrown away. The competition was an ice cream sundae competition and he was livid that he no longer had paper cups. He NEEDED these cups. For what reason? Who knows, but he KNEW he was going to lose if he didn't have those blasted cups. There was no talking sense into him. The producers tried to calm him down, but he was furious that they were throwing the competition, and he wanted his cups replaced. Um, ok. Not sure why you need those cups sir, since this is a cooking/baking competition requiring no paper goods. He eventually got so upset that he passed out on the floor and an ambulance had to come and haul him away, and he was eliminated from the competition. I was laughing and trying to convey the story to my mom and Melissa, and then literally out of NOWHERE I started crying. In public. In a crowded restaurant. Apparently my laughing and crying triggers are REALLY closely linked. We all had a good laugh about this, but I'm pretty sure everyone was secretly thinking, "Ok, let me know when you have this baby and we can talk again! Thanks, bye."

Anyway, I've figured out that apparently I have two emotional triggers/things that are really important to me: Food and TV. Don't mess with those. I can read, see, or hear about the saddest things and not one tear, but you take my remote or don't feed me, and LOOK OUT. (Disclaimer: When not pregnant, I cry about regular things like everyone else, but apparently my pregnancy hormones come in the form of FOOD and TV. When the two are combined (Top Chef), it can be catastrophic).


  1. hahaha that is so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one who cries over strange things when pregnant. One time when pregnant Tanner brought some Arby's home. I started crying when I realized that he ate all the curly fries on the way home AND my au jus had was rough.

  2. Haha. You crack me up. Love this post. Btw I saw that episode of Top Chef too!!
    That guy was so nuts--it was funny and sad at the same time....paper cups....really???? We should watch Top Chef together-it would be great times. :)

  3. I love you cousin! Love you so much. Annnd you are hilarious/ridiculous. :)

  4. Oh man I hear ya about the crying! Not only did I cry more often, but I cried HARD. Like SOBBING. Our poor husbands. They just don't know what hit 'em.

  5. Haha..I love are so cute.

  6. Yay! Blog stalking paid off. I found you :) And I basically lived off Goldfish crackers, cambell's chicken noodle soup and gingerale the first 20 weeks of pregnancy.