Sunday, October 31, 2010

Welcome to our family!

We have some new additions to our family. Just wanted to send a shout out to our new little babies out on the balcony. I never knew I would get so attached to plants, but it's a lot of work picking the right plants, food, fertilizer, soil, pots, etc., etc., etc. Who knew? I sure didn't. I know absolutely nothing about plants. The poor guy helping us literally had to coach us on how to take care of our new babies. I figure it's good practice to take care of some plants before we have a living, breathing human to be responsible for. I'm a little worried about the outcome. If we kill these plants does that mean we will be awful parents? I hope not, because I have a history of killing plants. It started with that little paper cup they give you in elementary school with some dirt and a seed in it. Mine sprouted like it was supposed to, but then I got eager, over watered the poor thing, and it died. I guess if I overfeed our baby, he'll just be a little chubby. That's not death. Yay!

Anyway, we got some parsley, sweet basil, thyme, and a "Patio hybrid" tomato plant. According to our helper guy, it's really difficult to kill any of these plants. Great, all the more reason to feel like an idiot when they don't survive. Even my mom cushioned me for the future death of our plants.

MOM: "Oh, you got some plants?! How exciting!"
B: "Ya, I just hope we don't kill them and they can last a long time."
MOM: "Well, they will probably die eventually, don't feel bad when that happens."

I felt like one of those kids proudly holding their plastic bag from the fair with a goldfish in it, grinning excitedly about their future with the fish, and then someone says, "Well, they don't live long, so when it dies don't be sad". Are my plants "carnival goldfish"? Or does my mom doubt my plant care abilities so much that she is already softening the blow of the inevitable death?

Well, I'll show you guys! (Imaginary people who are judging me that I invented as a way of judging myself). These plants WILL survive! Am I even supposed to call them "plants" when they are herbs? Whatever I don't know. Anyway...I can do this! I'll keep you updated on their growth since I'm sure everyone is VERY interested. I really am attached to these little guys. I'm already worried about our trips we are taking in November and December. I have plans to call a friend to come and water them while we are gone. See?! I'm responsible...I'm calling a babysitter and everything.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Oh, it was so funny...wait, am I crying?

So I know everyone warns you that pregnancy causes crazy emotions. I've seen those movies with the wife that turns into a big crying, blubbering mess over Kodak commercials as soon as she knows she's pregnant. I know what is "supposed" to happen. I expected to cry over commercials, Oprah, sad songs and movies, or whatever else pregnant women cry about. I did not expect to cry about the things that I've cried about so far. I haven't cried during any commercials. I didn't cry during the one time I watched Oprah (It was really sad by the way). I haven't cried during any sad songs or movies. Everyone else cries, but not one tear from the pregnant lady. I haven't cried over the literally sad things. I will tell you what I've cried about. Ready?

1. Goldfish crackers
2. Possession of the TV remote
3. An episode of Top Chef: Desserts

The Goldfish crackers incident was in the beginning of the pregnancy. I hadn't experienced any cravings, and haven't experienced any since then. It was LATE at night, and suddenly it dawned on me how delicious Goldfish crackers sounded. Nate went to check the pantry for me. No Goldfish. Ok, no big deal. I don't need any crackers right now anyway. No, but wait, you do need those crackers. No I don't. do. No, that's ridiculous, it's just crackers. Yes, yes I need them or I might die. I NEED THEM. I NEED THEM NOW. Then I started crying because I needed those Goldfish. We drove to the grocery store, and Nate bought one of those giant seven dollar cartons of Goldfish. (I don't blame him. If he cried about needing something that ridiculous, I would drive to Costco and buy the biggest one I could find so as to avoid future situations like that). They were the most delicious crackers I've ever tasted in my life.

These stories are going to get progressively crazier. Ready for the remote story? So last weekend we were watching conference. It was the end of the Sunday afternoon session of conference. The closing hymn was finishing up, and the closing prayer was coming up. I reached over to get the remote and mumbled something like, "Oh, I need to DVR something when this is over, and I don't want to forget". So as a joke, when my eyes were closed during the prayer, Nate reaches over and grabs the remote. For whatever reason, I open my eyes when the prayer is over to discover he'd stolen the remote, and I burst into tears. Really. Over a remote control. We were both hysterically laughing, but I still couldn't stop crying. It was like someone had snatched my doll and I was 2 years old.

Ok, so this last story just happened this past Friday afternoon. I drove to meet Nate, my parents, and my sister-in-law Melissa for lunch. Melissa had just flown in from Kansas City to surprise her dad for his birthday that night so we got to hang out with her for the afternoon. It was a really fun lunch, and so fun to see her. Things got a little interesting when I was telling Melissa and my mom about a hilarious episode of Top Chef: Desserts I had just watched that morning. There was a contestant on the show that had a panic attack because he wanted back some paper cups he'd thrown away. The competition was an ice cream sundae competition and he was livid that he no longer had paper cups. He NEEDED these cups. For what reason? Who knows, but he KNEW he was going to lose if he didn't have those blasted cups. There was no talking sense into him. The producers tried to calm him down, but he was furious that they were throwing the competition, and he wanted his cups replaced. Um, ok. Not sure why you need those cups sir, since this is a cooking/baking competition requiring no paper goods. He eventually got so upset that he passed out on the floor and an ambulance had to come and haul him away, and he was eliminated from the competition. I was laughing and trying to convey the story to my mom and Melissa, and then literally out of NOWHERE I started crying. In public. In a crowded restaurant. Apparently my laughing and crying triggers are REALLY closely linked. We all had a good laugh about this, but I'm pretty sure everyone was secretly thinking, "Ok, let me know when you have this baby and we can talk again! Thanks, bye."

Anyway, I've figured out that apparently I have two emotional triggers/things that are really important to me: Food and TV. Don't mess with those. I can read, see, or hear about the saddest things and not one tear, but you take my remote or don't feed me, and LOOK OUT. (Disclaimer: When not pregnant, I cry about regular things like everyone else, but apparently my pregnancy hormones come in the form of FOOD and TV. When the two are combined (Top Chef), it can be catastrophic).

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Oh, hi blog. Can we still be friends?

So I haven't written in a little over a month, and really there isn't too much to update on besides the day to day things and pregnancy stuff which I'll spare you from. Well, maybe one pregnancy shout-out: Almost 20 weeks (HALF WAY, are you kidding me???? That went by so fast!) and feeling punches, kicks and swirls everyday now. I love those little kicks because it makes it all the more real that there is an actual person in there.

Anyway, that's the pregnancy update.

So, last night we decided to try a new movie theater in San Juan Capistrano. It's been there a long time, but they recently had it redone and renovated so it's basically brand new. They only have three theaters in the whole thing, but it's a really nice theater. Two regular stadium seating theaters and one VIP theater upstairs with only 50 seats. We got there just in time for the VIP showing of "The Social Network" so we figured why not try it? You pick your seats when you purchase the tickets. There are only 6 rows of 8 seats each. I thought it was a little weird, but when we made our way upstairs, the "hostess" standing at the top of the stairs showed us to our HUGE LEATHER chairs and handed us both menus(We already had dinner, but the menu has appetizers, dinner items, dessert, and the regular movie items so I kind of wished we hadn't eaten dinner already). Each seat has a table tray, cup holder and roomy armrests. Oh, and there is a button you push when you know what you want to order from your personalized server. I felt like I was in the Jetsons. He/She shows up takes your order and brings it to you while you watch the movie, or in our case during the previews (We didn't want to order during the movie). We got a Diet Coke (free refills that they get for you whenever you push the button!), popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, and a fudge brownie with ice cream topped with a little Hawaiian flower and powdered sugar. Are you kidding me? I had no idea theaters like this existed! It was only a sixteen dollar ticket. I know that is pricey for a movie, but I thought it was amazing for the experience. I still can't get over how comfortable the chairs were and how much leg room I had. Well I'm short so who cares, but Nate even had tons of leg room. I can't wait to go again and try the dinner items...they looked pretty delicious from what I could tell.

Well that's pretty much the update for us I guess...if that even counts as an update. Conference weekend was so great as usual, but now that it's over I have a long day of football ahead of me. I just bought a new Mini Donut pan off Amazon a couple days ago that I can't wait to try, so maybe I'll try that today and trade Nate a donut for the remote control. Wish me luck.