Monday, August 23, 2010

Thought I would make it "blog official"

We are having a baby!! I still can't believe that there is a little person, scratch that...a little BOY in there. It is unbelievable what the human body is capable of. I think a lot about how much my body is doing without any help from me whatsoever. I know everyone says this, but seriously, what a miracle. We both feel so lucky and so blessed to have this little boy come and live with us in just about six months. Oh my gosh, when I typed that I had a slight panic attack about how soon that sounds! Oh wait, okay, much better. I just thought about some stuff I was doing six months ago, and that seems like a long time ago. All better.

Quick sidenote: My mom is hilarious. I was telling her about my backwards morning sickness. I didn't really have it that bad the first trimester (when you are "supposed" to have it the worst), but all of a sudden in the last week I have thrown up every day. She says, "Oh my gosh, have you heard about that lady that had no morning sickness, and then started getting some a few months later? She was pregnant with a SECOND baby!!!"....Although, that would make a great story, I'd really rather prefer not being pregnant for a year or more. Dear body, please don't start growing a whole new second baby, thanks.

Well, it's been really fun telling friends and family our news and I'm looking forward to getting fat and puffy, "glowy"/sweaty, swollen, achy, etc., etc., etc. It's everything I've always wanted. No sarcasm intended. Thanks for all the love and support! We are really excited!