Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I tried to think of a creative title and failed so here it is..."Really long post with a lot of pictures"

I'm just getting over a pretty bad cold, so I'm a little lazy, and don't feel like writing a big long intro. Basically, we went to Idaho Falls for the 4th of July to spend some time with Nate's family. It was really fun. We got in Thursday night and arrived at the airport with "Big Nate" holding "Welcome to Idaho Falls Nate and Brittany Holiday" signs. Two of them. You know, just in case we lost one. We felt pretty special. That night we spent lots of time just hanging out and holding new baby Spencer. So cute and tiny, and just a week old! Dawn was a champ for letting everyone stay at her house with a newborn. Oh, we also went to Reed's Dairy to get some homemade FRESH ice cream. What?? Yes, they have real cows out back that you can go pet, while you eat your ice cream.

Anyway, they have delicious ice cream and I wish there was a Reed's in Laguna Niguel. Friday morning we went golfing. Well, Nate, "Big Nate", and Robert golfed. I drove the cart and ate powdered donuts. Friday afternoon, we went with Nate's brother Steve and his little girl Addison, and Robert and Ryan to Bear World. It's about twenty minutes north of Idaho Falls. We had heard it was better than Yellowstone, so how could we not go? Basically, it's a wild animal reserve/park that you drive through...with NO fences between you and the animals. When we first pulled up, we were all a little worried. The entry gates were a little too much like Jurassic Park. Great. The first part was harmless enough, there were some deer, a couple buffalo and a beaver. See?

When you enter the park they tell you to always keep your windows up, and doors locked. Pssh. Windows up? Lame. Hi deer! Hi big, chubby buffalo! Hi wittle beaver!! Oh, oh my gosh, there's a freaking grizzly bear. There are two of them! Put the window up, put the windows up!!! That's pretty much what happened. We thought we were so brave, and then oh, there's a grizzly bear walking right next to the car. It was pretty hot that day so the bears weren't too crazy, but I guess sometimes they will climb on top of your car, or into the bed of your truck. Haha? So much fun? People pay for that experience! I think I'd pee my pants if that had happened to us. I was happy with our lazy bears.

Notice the reflection in the picture on the right, our windows were definitely UP. After you drive through, they have a petting zoo, with baby bears, baby deer, and one adult deer. Or doe? I don't know. Here we are, petting the deer.

The picture of Nate with the deer, cracks me up. They look like they are having a moment. I have some pictures of the baby deer, and bears, but this post is long enough as is and I don't even think it's half way over? Ugh.

Saturday was the big Fourth celebration. Parade in the morning. Street fair in the afternoon and huge fireworks show that night. The parade was awesome, with one especially great highlight. There was an Idaho Falls Diversity float. As in, we accept all races, genders, etc., etc.. Do you want to see the float?

Can you see the diversity? Oh you can't? Here...

"See guys...we are embracing diversity, we found one little African-American boy in the crowd and asked him to be in the parade!" That was pretty funny. In all seriousness, the parade was really great, but that "diversity" float was just hysterical.

The street fair was great. Lots of corn dogs, bratwurst, turkey legs, caramel corn, ice cream and cotton candy.

The fireworks show was definitely the highlight of the day though. "Best fireworks show west of the Mississippi". Seriously, Idaho Falls is known for having one of the best fireworks shows in the country. I was skeptical at first, but WOW. It really was amazing, and lived up to all the hype. Nothing better than cuddling up with family, listening to patriotic music, and watching incredible fireworks.

Sunday morning, we all went to church at Dawn and Nate's ward for Spencer's baby blessing. What a sweet little baby, and we both felt so lucky that we were able to be there for his blessing. After the blessing, we had MORE food, then took off for our flight back to California.

When we got back from Idaho, my parents had made even more food. Cheeseburgers just off the grill, and steaks. So basically we both got our fill of Fourth of July food. "I shouldn't have a steak, a burger, AND a brat....but, it is the Fourth of July. It's what the forefathers would want."

Sunday night, my brother Carter, his wife Heather and their four kids pulled into town for the week. I bet you were thinking I was wrapping stuff up huh? Hang on for a couple more paragraphs and I promise this post is over. We thought we would have lots of beach and pool time, but the weather here decided that wasn't happening. It was cloudy all week. Tuesday we went to Disneyland though, and it was so much fun to watch all the kids on the rides. Here they are on Jungle Cruise. Cutest kids ever.

We managed to get in quite a few rides, despite the crowds. We were all pretty happy about that. Especially Tyson. Look how cute he is. Even when he's tired/grumpy/hungry/wet/poopy/WHATEVER...he always smiles like this. Even when he cries, if you smile at him he will smile back. Always.

The rest of the week was fun too. Lots of food, fun, and pool time. Can you tell I'm done? The beginning of the post I detailed every day in Idaho, and now it's the end and I basically wrapped up a week in a sentence or two. There you have it. Lots of family time. Lots of pictures. Long blog post. The end.


  1. I demand pictures of the Jurassic Park gates.

  2. Sounds like an awesome week! Nick still sometimes talks about going to Disneyland again. Glad you're feeling a little better. Lets talk soon friend! Apparently I'm moving to Wyoming :)

  3. Look! I'm commenting again! That beaver is adorable! Don't use that as a sound bite, please.