Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Ruby Anniversary

My parents are such a great example of a happy, successful marriage. They always put the other first, and are constantly laughing together. FORTY years is a big freakin' deal. You go, Mom and Dad.

I guess that the 40th Anniversary is the Ruby Anniversary. I thought about getting you both a giant shiny ruby from the jewelry store worth thousands of dollars, but then thought, HEY, who wants some expensive gemstone? I'll dedicate a blog post to you instead. You're welcome.

Seriously though, I love you both and hope that Nate and I are as happy as you two are in 40 years! (Well, 39 years, but you get the picture).


This picture was a little faded from being in a frame, obviously, but it's one of my favorites. Well, besides this next one.

My favorite picture of my parents to date:

Happy Anniversary lovebirds!!!


  1. These pictures are fantastic. You look so much like your mom! I love their expressions in the flying veil picture -- who does that face your dad is doing? Nate? Tyler? Anyway, so darling. Happy anniversary Glade and Suzanne!

  2. way to grow old gracefully together!

  3. So happy for them. Yes, these pictures are too cool. Everytime I see your parents, they are always looking at each other like they just LOVE each other more than anything. Happy Anniversary to mama and papa owens!

  4. I love those pictures! Isn't it funny that nowadays people use apps on their iphone to make pictures look cool and old like that? Your mom is hot.