Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things I should be doing rather than blogging

*Laundry. It's sad really. I have little piles separated into whites, lights and darks in our bedroom (We have a really cute hamper actually that I think came from Pottery Barn? But the poor guy is rarely used. Yes, I said guy. I like to assign genders to inanimate objects. My car is female. My computer is male. My Kitchen-Aid is female. And yes, my hamper is male. Don't ask me my reasoning on why some objects are male and some are female. It's just a vibe.) Anyway, Monday I will finally put a load in the washer. Tuesday I take it out and throw it into the dryer. Wednesday I pull it out of the dryer. Thursday I fold and put away and guess what? Oh, ya know... a whole new load of laundry has produced itself from the clothes worn on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Awesome. So basically, I have an eternity of laundry ahead of me. Actually about once a month I will do laundry for an ENTIRE day and start with a clean slate, in hopes that the next month I will conquer doing laundry in a timely manner, but nevertheless the next week I'm in the same position I always am. Don't get me wrong, every few months I will have a stellar month and have fresh smelling, wrinkle-free laundry folded and nicely put away at all times, but for the most part my laundry style is chaotic...and I'm perfectly okay with that. Some people are laundry superstars. I am just not one of those people.

*Watching TV. You might think that sounds stupid. Who puts watching TV on a list of things they should be doing instead of blogging? Isn't watching TV pretty much in the same category as blogging? Both are pretty much a waste of time, right? but you don't understand all the shows I have to catch up on. There are at least 7 or 8 shows sitting on the DVR waiting to be watched. I'm afraid to look at Facebook or anything online because I'm afraid of spoilers. I've watched the main shows I was afraid of people spoiling for me. LOST series finale wasn't perfect, but I still loved it. Grey's Anatomy season finale gave me nightmares. The Bachelorette was ridiculous. Really Derrick? Shooter? Why would you tell her that story? Oh ya, that's right, everyone is drunk and they film at 4 o'clock in the morning.

*Exercising. I used to exercise every day. Well, that lasted for maybe two weeks, but I can still say "I used to exercise every day" and it's not a lie. I did. Really though, I always sleep better, have less headaches, eat better and just generally feel better when I go to the gym. I need to start going again.

Ok, I'm done blogging AND I have the perfect solution to all three of these things. I'm going to fold laundry while watching the finale of Biggest Loser. Yes! Laundry. TV. Exercising...well, watching other people exercise (baby steps).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to my adorable, kind, patient, loving, humble, Christlike mom. Love you cute lady, you are the best mom anyone could ever ask for...

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The last year, according to an iPhone

A few weeks ago, Nate got a new phone from work so he gave me his used iPhone. If you know me you know how much I hate change when it comes to my electronics. I will have something forever and really struggle with replacing it. My very first cell phone was ridiculous and huge, but I wouldn't part with it. Everyone else had their Nokia phones playing Snake, but I was perfectly content with my huge awkward phone. I didn't replace it until it was stolen at the beach (How did they know where I had craftily hidden my stuff? I even dug a hole and safely put my purse under the towel in the hole? Oh...everybody does that? Thanks for the tip Mr. Police Officer). I cried when I realized I wouldn't be able to buy the exact same phone because it was no longer being manufactured. Didn't they understand that this was the only phone I wanted? Oh, you have new, shiny, exciting phones with awesome ringers? Nope, don't care. I want my Motorola flat phone with about two functions on it.

Anyway, I eventually came to terms with my loss and got accustomed to my new phone. I don't know the brand, I just know it had a REALLY bright blue screen. I didn't replace that one until two years later when the screen went blank. In order to see anything on the screen, like who was calling or texting, I had to push really hard on the cover until finally something would appear. You would think I would have gone to replace my phone after a day of not being able to see the screen. I'm pretty sure it was about six months before I finally decided I'd had enough of squeezing my phone so hard I was getting calluses. The next phone I purchased was exactly the same bright blue screened phone. Yes they still had them in stock! You might think I'd hate that phone enough in order to not get the same one again in case that screen thing happened again, but you would be wrong. Of course, after about a year, the screen thing happened again. Shocking. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I finally wised up and joined the flip phone crowd. Flip, close. Flip, close. All the time. Something about the noise of the flip phone closing was fun for me? Flip, close. Flip, close. Flip...oops. Dropped it into toilet water. Awesome. Oh and don't worry. I kept my toilet phone. Just in case I wanted to look at pictures on it or something? I don't know. Next phone was my Chocolate phone. Good phone...bla bla bla. I'm really attached to it. I've had it for almost three years I think? Anyway, so a few weeks ago Nate says, "Hey, I'm getting a new phone for work...you want to have my iPhone?".
---"Ummmm, I'm not sure. Can I think about it for a couple days?"
---"Brit, it's practically a new phone...look at your phone. You've dropped it at least a hundred times and you can have the internet, look up recipes, play games on this one?" (All REALLY good selling points)
---"I know......but, I LOVE my phone. I've had this phone for like three years and I'm used to it. Meh. I don't know."

Nate thought this was hilarious. I see nothing funny about this. I get attached to inanimate objects. Really attached. After three or four days of thinking I decided to switch to his phone and "toss" my phone. By toss, I mean store it with my toilet phone for safe keeping. I now have two unused phones in my possession, one of which may or may not even work.

So it's been few weeks, and I love my new phone. It took me a day or two, but now I'm obsessed. It's going to be really hard for me to replace this one. Fingers crossed that I don't drop it in the toilet or get it stolen. Anyway, getting to the point of this post, it was fun to look through all the pictures on the phone that Nate has taken from this last year. I thought it would be fun to post some of them on here (definitely not in the right order, oh well):

Nate on the pier in San Clemente

Sammy at the Kolache Factory in Houston (I had never heard of Kolache's, but they are GOOD!

On the way to Denver for work, maybe?

Best BBQ in Houston, Swinging Door

Dana Point Harbor with Dad and Janice when they came for a visit

Nate at a Broncos game with Harv


Newport Temple from a couple weeks ago when the flowers were blooming