Monday, March 15, 2010

Disneyland update

In case anyone was wondering, the line for Peter Pan has about 10 adults to every 1 child. My favorite people in line were the REALLY old people holding hands. At first I thought maybe they were with their grandchildren or something, but no, they just wanted to come and ride Peter Pan like they did when they were kids. Made my day...well that, and the four churros, peanut brittle, chocolate and Cookies and Cream ice cream that we ate that day. It's Disneyland. Calories don't count.

Overall, I think that Disneyland may have kicked our butts. We brought my parents with us and by the end of the day we were all exhausted. I think I might need to start working out again if I can't handle walking around and standing periodically for half of a day. That's pretty pathetic.


  1. Last time my fam went, we got there around 10am and were beat by 4pm. And we sat for at least an hour eating lunch. So it's not just you!

    And you're killing me with the churros. I want one RIGHT NOW.

  2. I hope you and Nate get vests and buy a souveneir pin everytime you go. We will have to go sometime.

  3. Calories NEVER count at any Disney Park!! And how long was the Peter Pan wait, even I, Wendy, can't handle the 2+ hours wait for the one in Florida!!

  4. Jessica, vests are definitely on my Christmas list. How'd you know?
    The wait wasn't bad...only about 30 minutes? It was a Tuesday and was supposed to rain so not many crowds. Makes for a much better day that way.

  5. I;m so jealous! Sounds like it was fun. We need to catch up soon friend, what are your summer plans?

  6. hahaha so funny,
    lets go together soon.