Friday, February 26, 2010

It's not my fault, eBay made me do it

So, eBay is great. You have that pair of jeans (purse, shirt, shoes...whatever) that you never wear and want to get rid of, but don't want to be wasteful so why not sell them right? Great idea. I love SELLING things on eBay, but buying things on eBay is a whole other story.

A little background. I am not a naturally competitive person. I know...everyone says that and it turns out they are the MOST competitive ones. The secretly competitive are the most intense type of competitive and by far the most entertaining to talk to in the middle of a heated game. No sympathy or compassion whatsoever. Winning is the ultimate goal. Something to the extent of this:

Person A: Oh no, I'm not competitive at ALL...I love games just for the fun of it, who cares who wins right? People who are competitive are so weird. It's just a game ya know?
***An hour later***

Person A: NO!!! That doesn't count! You said, "Hawaii", not "The Hawaiian Islands" like the card says. It's not the right answer.
Innocent Bystander: Umm...that's the same thing.
Person A: No, no it's not. The card clearly says "The Hawaiian Islands", and that is NOT what you said! Sorry, no point.
Innocent Bystander: But...that's what it means. Hawaii is Hawaii right?
Person A: I guess, but not in this game. The rules clearly state you have to say what is on the card or you are wrong! Don't try and cheat!!! Rules are rules.

ANYWAY, I'm really not competitive, but that all changes on eBay. It brings out the worst in me. Something about the anonymity. I just have this picture in my head of some really annoying person bidding against me. Some man with a loud, awful cackling laugh who is having grapes fed to him or something. Poor me. I really want this item, and this terribly mean person is trying to outbid me sneakily so that he/she can win it instead. Nate and I have been wanting to go to Disneyland for a couple of weeks, and I decided I'd buy some tickets online. There were great prices on eBay, and all I had to do to win them was bid at the perfect moment! I could do this! I've done this before so it should be the same right? Turns out, it's pretty hard to win Disney tickets. I would know, because I tried four times and kept losing in a bidding war the last twenty seconds of the auction. That obnoxious grape-eating man wants MY Disneyland tickets!! Anyway, so I tried again for the fifth time. Someone had bid $102.50 with 2 hours left. It stayed that way until the last two minutes, and then the price started going up really fast. All the anonymous sleepers came out of nowhere! You know...those mean, cackling, grape-eating people. The price jumped up to $145.00 in less than two minutes. I kept waiting and then the last fifteen seconds I bid $170 (Which by the way is about 20 dollars more than I told myself I wanted to bid, but when people start bidding so fast like that I lose all rationale...I told you, I can't help it! I HAVE to beat these ANNOYING people...who, by the way, I recognize are most likely people just like me).

***Side note: when you decide to bid in the last fifteen seconds like that you had better hope your internet doesn't go out. That has happened to me before and I screamed things at the computer that are unrepeatable.

Anyway, after I put my bid in I was redirected to the main page...and I finally won! I ran around the house yelling for about an hour. I had an eBay coupon so the grand total for 4 tickets to Disneyland was only $138.00! Thirty five bucks a person? Definitely worth the sweaty palms that wouldn't go away for two hours after the auction. I recognize that I'm crazy, and that there is something wrong with me when two days later just writing about this still makes me nervous...and my palms are sweating again. It's worth it though because I haven't been this excited to go to Disneyland since I was six years old.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Happy early Valentine's Day...

Just thought I would put this out there, and in a year if we still have a blog we can see if we've made any progress on our non-talents. We haven't so far...this picture was taken last May, and still no progress.

I can't wink. I've tried. It doesn't work. Nate likes to make me try a lot. I don't know why? I don't look stupid or anything.

Nate can't frown. Serious. He can't. It's really funny actually when he's trying to make a puppy face or a pouty lip and this is the result.

"Oh...duh" moments

You know them. Everyone has them. If you don’t, I want to be best friends with you so that maybe your brilliance will rub off on me. Nate just had one the other day, and it made me feel so much better because I have these moments at least once a day. You know, this type of thing:

-“Where are my sunglasses? Seriously, where are they? I think someone stole my sunglasses!!!”
-“They’re on your head.”

Well, anyway, Nate had one and it really is fun to be there for these types of situations when you’re not the one looking stupid. We are driving along and Nate, wearing his earpiece (because it’s illegal to drive and talk on your phone here), says “Call ‘Bob’”…I can’t remember who he was trying to call and it’s not important to the story so let’s just stick with Bob. Again, “Call ‘Bob’”. “What is wrong with this stupid thing??” I look over and see that he’s really frustrated at this point. Then he says, “Oh, where’s my phone?”…Awesome.

So I have seen some pretty lame movies lately. The Lovely Bones was awful. I went with my mom since she had read the book, and wanted to see it. I was bored so off we went. I thought the actress that played Susie was darling and Stanley Tucci was terrifying but other than that, this movie was ridiculous. Apparently when we die, we go to heaven and dress up in roller skates, glitter, and neon makeup while dancing around doing nothing, accompanied by some stranger (who by the way talks ten octaves too high and made my ears want to bleed). Oh also, if you die before your first kiss…don’t worry, you can possess some gothic girl’s body, somehow look like yourself, and proceed to kiss your crush. He won’t mind. In fact, he’ll just say “Oh, hey! Susie! Weren’t you murdered? How is this happening? Whatever, let’s make out”. Oh, and I think the people who put together the music for this movie stole the music from “The More You Know” commercials. Just listen:
Click on the clip called "You are Beautiful".

On a final note, if you are trying to multi-task and aren’t very good at it…DO NOT BAKE! One time, I was on the phone while trying to bake cookies. I reached into the oven to pull out the cookies without an oven mitt. That’s not a good idea.