Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear "Wedding Photography" people,

I kind of hate you a little bit. You send me an email that our wedding CD is ready and that we can pick it up at our convenience. (We chose the picking up option as opposed to shipping so we could save 10 bucks). Anyway, I was really excited and made Nate drive me up to Huntington Beach, IN THE RAIN, to pick up the CD. We pull up, I jump out IN THE RAIN and walk the 100 yards or so to the studio. Did I mention the rain yet?? So, I finally get to the doors...and they are LOCKED! It was only 3pm! The closing time in the email said 5! Basically, we drove up there for no reason, wasting gas and toll money, and will now have to drive again? So much for saving 10, anyway, "wedding photography" people...I hate you, not a little bit, A LOT.


  1. 1. That is a really long time you have been waiting for your pictures!

    2. If they said they'd be open 'til 5 and weren't, they are now going to be covering the 10 bucks for shipping. Seriously.

  2. And this is why we are friends. (Smiley face)
    I hate them for you too. A-holes.

  3. LOL! That does suck though, but it is a great story!